Dessau Modular is a custom homebuilder in eastern PA, focusing on off-site volumetric (modular) construction. Each year it becomes more apparent that there is a more efficient way to build a home than the way it has been done for the last 150 years. Modular makes this possible without compromise.

Our focus is on design-led homes who take their inspiration from modernist principles where form follows function results in truly beautiful places to live.

Our Name

Our name is a nod to the town that was home to the Bauhaus School in Germany: Dessau. The Bauhaus School had a significant impact on modular and prefabricated construction. Bauhaus, a German art and design school that existed from 1919 to 1933, advocated for a "total work of art" or Gesamtkunstwerk, which sought to harmonize art, architecture, and design. The school's approach was heavily influenced by the ideas of standardization and mass production, which led to a focus on modular and prefabricated construction methods. Bauhaus architects and designers sought to create buildings and objects that were both aesthetically pleasing and easily reproducible using industrial methods. This focus on standardization and modularity had a lasting influence on architecture and design and continues to shape contemporary approaches to building and construction.

Where we work


Southern New Jersey
Finger Lakes region of New York

Set - Only

Northern New Jersey
New York & the Hamptons
Massachusetts, Cape Cod & the Islands
New Hampshire
Vermont (some Turnkey exceptions)

With modular construction, project tasks can take place in parallel resulting in a more efficient timeline when compared to the linear sequence of traditional construction.

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