The Future is Modular
Homebuilding for the next generation should look different than it has in the past. The building process should be more efficient and the homeowner experience more transparent. Modular drives this change, It brings the dream of building your own home in reach while supporting a more sustainable approach to residential construction.
We are a homebuilder focused on a more efficient experience for our clients from start to finish. We design around you, and the possibilities are endless.
We specialize in custom homes and will guide you through the process with our architects or the designer/architect of your choice.
Our work caters to the design enthusiast who dreams of building their own home in a way that is comprehensively sustainable.

Latest Field Journal Entry

The Lock-in Effect May Lead to More Additions/Renovations

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We are currently developing base home models that can be modified to your specific site. Click below to stay up to date with our progress.

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